Naturally Nourishing

Cooking classes, wholesome recipes and seasonal food insights for global tastes in Southern Oregon

Hi, I’m Sarah Lemon!

I’m a longtime journalist turned cooking instructor who believes that healthy food is within anyone’s reach — and can taste delicious. I prepare meals from scratch every day, and I passionately share my approach to adapting age-old whole foods to the modern lifestyle. Any diet, any budget, any occasion — I can create a dish that fits.

  • Are you a medical provider who wants to give patients hands-on instruction in healthy meal preparation?
  • Are you a farmer who wants to showcase your gorgeous, fresh produce in seasonally relevant recipes?
  • Are you a health coach who wants to develop menus tailored to your program?
  • Are you a specialty foods producer who wants cooking demonstrations using your delicious products?

I have not only the experience but the palate to create dishes that leave clients craving more.

Let’s get cooking!


Fresh. Fast. Frugal. Flexible … Sarah can tailor a class to almost any theme, genre or ingredient.

  • Sarah works with diverse audiences: kids, teens, parents, older adults, health care workers, patients with chronic illness and others.
  • Sarah’s tone is authoritative but down-to-earth, both informing and entertaining participants.
  • Sarah has utilized established cooking curricula and developed her own — with recipes.
  • Sarah has a decade of experience in a variety of class venues.

Class sizes dependant on facility space, equipment needed and type (hands-on versus demonstration).

Cost varies by class size, duration and ingredients.


Sarah’s quarterly newsletter celebrates Southern Oregon’s agricultural bounty with whole-foods recipes, menu plans and photos. An avid gardener, Sarah delights in cooking with the freshest produce from her own soil, neighboring farms and the region’s farmers markets. A proponent of shopping small and keeping dollars local, Sarah spotlights specialty foods and sales at local grocers and merchants. The Whole Dish newsletter is an extension of Sarah’s close ties to Southern Oregon’s culinary scene, forged over nearly two decades as the Mail Tribune newspaper’s food section editor and freelance contributor.



Read the latest from Sarah’s kitchen! Part diary, part memoir, part cooking manual, The Whole Dish blog follows Sarah’s trials and triumphs in the kitchen, her kids’ burgeoning palates and explores how to be a conscientious food consumer in an age of misleading marketing, dubious diets and ultra-processed food. The Whole Dish blog is familiar to readers of the Mail Tribune. Since 2007, Sarah leveraged this digital platform to tell stories behind the stories in the newspaper’s weekly food section, plus share additional tidbits and recipes. The Whole Dish expanded after a decade to a companion podcast, with 200 episodes that Sarah produced and narrated, available on Soundcloud.